Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

A lawn needs nutrients just like any other living thing. Our lawn care program will keep your turf healthy and green. Our talented staff will provide you with a custom fertilization program to improve your lawn. See our fertilization programs below.

  • Fertilization Program

    5 Applications of balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season.
    1 Cabgrass Preventor - granular
    3 Broadleaf Weed Control - Liquid Spraying
    1 Crabgrass Killer - Liquid Spraying

  • Crabgrass Preventor

    Early Spring Application
    Controlled release dimension often applied twice in heavily infested areas.
    Attacks the germination process to eliminate Crabgrass before is begins.

  • Grub & Insect Control

    Granular or Liquid, Often applied with the Mid Summer fertilizer application.
    Several products are used including preventative & killer should an infestation arise.
    Wintermoth Spraying.

  • Lime

    Used to adjust PH levels
    Improve root structure
    Increase Nutrient Availability

  • Lawn Aeration

    Improves Drainage & reduces compaction
    Makes nutirents & water readily available to turf roots.
    Improves air movement within root zone improving vigor & promoting growth.

  • Lawn De-thatching

    Scratches thatch zone of turfgrass
    Some thatch is a good thing, too much will limit air movement, decrease drainage, filter out nutrients, & promote disease.
    Annual Spring thatching removes the majority of thatch to improve turf vigor.

  • Vegetation Control

    Herbicide Application
    Pre-Season granular treatment attacking weed seedling development.
    Liquid weed control throughout the season on mulch beds, patios, walkways, & driveways.

  • Lawn Renovation

    Fall lawn renovations
    Slice seeding
    Patch seeding
    Top dressing bare area with loam & seeding
    Aeration & Overseeding