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A lawn needs nutrients just like any other living thing.

Our lawn care program will keep your turf healthy and green.

Our talented staff will provide you with a custom fertilization program to improve your lawn. See our fertilization programs below.

Cape Cod Lawn fertilization

Fertilization Program

5 Applications of balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season.

1 Cabgrass Preventor - Granular
3 Broadleaf Weed Control - Liquid Spraying
1 Crabgrass Killer - Liquid Spraying

Cape Cod Irrigation Installation

Crabgrass Preventor

Early Spring Application.
Controlled release dimension often applied twice in heavily infested areas.
Attacks the germination process to eliminate Crabgrass before is begins.

Cape Cod Irrigation Start Up

Grub & Insect Control

Granular or Liquid, Often applied with the Mid Summer fertilizer application.
Several products are used including preventative & killer should an infestation arise.
Wintermoth Spraying.

Cape Cod Irrigation Shut Down

Lawn Aeration

Improves Drainage & reduces compaction. Makes nutirents & water readily available to turf roots. Improves air movement within root zone improving vigor & promoting growth.


Used to adjust PH levels.
Improve root structure.
Increase nutrient availability.

Cape Cod Irrigation Rain Sensing

Lawn De-thatching

Scratches thatch zone of turfgrass. Some thatch is a good thing, too much will limit air movement, decrease drainage, filter out nutrients, & promote disease. Annual Spring thatching removes the majority of thatch to improve turf vigor.

Cape Cod Drip Irrigation

Vegetation Control

Herbicide application.
Pre-Season granular treatment attacking weed seedling development.
Liquid weed control throughout the season on mulch beds, patios, walkways, & driveways.

Cape Cod Landscape Lighting

Lawn Renovation

Fall lawn renovations
Slice seeding
Patch seeding
Top dressing bare area with loam & seeding
Aeration & overseeding

"I give this company 5 stars. Mike couldn’t be easier to work with and took our concerns seriously. We hired him last spring to regrade our front lawn as well as hydro seed and replace our walkway. I’m now in the process of having him install a fire pit."

- Patricia B.

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