Irrigation is the key to a green lawn. Especially on Cape Cod, high winds and warm temperatures dry out soil before the water has a chance to enter the root zone of your turf. Plantings struggle to establish and flourish without regular watering. Our irrigation services encompass the most up to date practices to efficiently water all turf and plantings without wasting water. Our systems use the most rugged Hunter products available.

  • Design

    A proper design uses several types of rotary, spray, and drip systems to effectively water your investment.
    Systems are based on water pressure, light conditions, wind etc.
    All systems require a backflow preventer, to eliminate excess water from returning into your homes water system.

  • Installation

    Installed either at the time of lawn installation, or discretely added to an existing lawn.
    Mass certified plumber installs backflow preventor.
    Poly pipe is sliced & pulled beneth grade.
    Each zone is individually controlled by a seperate valve.
    Control box is installed in basement or garage.
    Wireless raon sensor is installed along the roofline.

  • Start Up Services

    System is charged
    All heads flagged and checked for proper function
    Rain sensor checked
    Batteries changed
    Clock is set for proper program based on weather

  • Shut Down Services

    All zones blown clear of standing water to prevent freezing.
    Clock shut down.

  • Maintenance

    Mid season visit to check system functioning.
    All heads checked and adjusted.
    Clock set for summer temperature.

  • Add On

    An existing system can be altered or added to accomodate additions to plantings or lawn area.

  • Rain Sensing

    A wireless rain sensor is installed along the roofline of the property.
    The rain sensor communicates to the clock if adequate rainfall has occured.
    Adequate rainfall will trigger the clock to skip a watering cycle.
    Saves water if irrigation is not needed.
    Preventes overwatering.

  • Drip Irrigation

    Drip line is used to efficiently water plantings.
    Overhead watering can cause disease on many plantings.
    Drip systems introduce water directly to the root system of a planting.
    Little waste occurs with a drip system.

  • Landscape Lighting

    Up-light plantings
    Post Lighting
    Hardscape feature lighting
    Flood Lighting
    Design & Installation